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Captain Optimism Versus Pessimistic Man

Caption Optimism Versus Pessimistic man shows captain optimism saying "I will defeat you!" and Pessimistic Man replies "Yeah, probably"

Maybe there'll be a sequel?

Game of Thrones

cartoon captioned game of thrones which shows a couple of toilets playing cards

Hey look. I've got a flush.

Time to hit the Books

cartoon with man saying time to hit the books and next frame showing a book cowering in the corner

Don't think you can cover for your friend the magazine

Time Flies

cartoon captioned time flies shows flies that attack and make people old

Time locusts can also be a problem

It’s not that I’m anti-social

cartoon says it's not that i'm anti-social; it's that everybody else is an asshole

It's tough to be understood

What Do You Want in a Woman?

cartoon guy asking another what do you want in a woman


Promise to Never Drink That Much Again

A cartoon with one guy telling the other that they are going to promise never to drink that much again -- until they go drinking again

It's the thought that counts


Cartoon representing life with boy growing to man and finally saying well that sucked

Hated to give away the ending like that

Spot 7 Differences

A before and after cartoon captioned spot 7 Differences with the first picture having a cat and 7 little chicks and the second picture showing only the cat with feathers and blood everywherer

Hmmm. This is going to be a tough one.

It’s Huming

It's Huming

It's huming; can I go out and make a human? (default)

It’s a terrifying thing when the little snowboy says it’s huming, because you know it’s about to get very messy outside. Unless it’s human flurries, and even then that’s not going to be pretty. Best to stay away from snowpeople all together.

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