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Game of Thrones

cartoon captioned game of thrones which shows a couple of toilets playing cards

Hey look. I've got a flush.

That’s Him, Dad!

mario turtle and teenage mutant ninja turtle that's him, dad!

Now you'll be sorry

Zombie Boyfriend

zombie boyfriend makes the girl happy because he at least likes her for her brains

Also is much more emotionally available than normal boyfriends

Leonard Nimoy’s Car

a picture from the late 1960s of leonard nimoy's car with nimoy in front in full spock character

A logical choice

Energizer Bunny Arrested

energizer bunny arrested. charged with battery

Wonder what sized cell they'll use?

TV Weather Men From Different Countries

pictures of TV weather Men from different countries. They are all cute girls except the one from Norway who is an old fat guy

Norway. My future home as a weather man

Best Home Theater Ever

A picture of the best home theater ever -- set up to look like the bridge of the Enterprise from Star Trek Next Generation


The Walking Bread

a poster titled the walking bread

Grains! Grains!

Evil Genius Ad

An evil genius ad in the newspaper, looking for henchmen

Wonder what the dental plan is like?

Zombie Apocalypse Cute?

cat biting dog on head with caption zombie apocalypse could be cuter than you imagine

The tragic consequences of refusing to arm dogs with shotguns

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