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Don’t Grow Up

sidewalk sign that says don't grow up, it's a trap

NOW they tell me

Take Your Child To Work Day

Demotivator titled Take Your Child To Work Day with darth vader and luke skywalker

Boy kid, you've got a lot to learn

Not Ability to Find Droids Again

A man in a stormtrooper costume looking at a newspaper with ads circled, as if to say not ability to find droids again!

Four years of stormtrooper school and I'm still under-qualified for these droid jobs

Why I am Majoring in Physics

A pie chart titled why I am majoring in physics with the main reason to figure out how to build a lightsaber

Probably need to take some advanced courses

These Aren’t the Droids you are Looking For

a cartoon of an apple iphone with a storm trooper image on the screen walking up to some android phones and one of them says these aren't the droids you are looking for

Missing droids? There's an app for that.

Princess Leia Bikini Convention

Bunch of girls in golden binkinis, like it's a princess leia bikini convention

Much more popular than the Jabba convention

The Most Vulgar Character of all Time

A picture of R2D2 from star wars with the caption "the most vulgar character of all time. They bleeped out everything he said."

R2D2 had to be the most vulgar character of all time. After all, he knew everything that was going on!

Everything R2D2 said was bleeped out. You don’t think it was just because George Lucas was trying to be cute, do you? The little robot was a walking menace, so profane that they had to stick a midget inside of there to try to calm him down, but to no avail. If he’d get angry, he’d zap you with that little electric gun of his, or start flying around the room (and how come he didn’t do any of that in episodes 4-6?)

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Princess Leia Bikini Convention

Bunch of girls wearing the princess leia bikinis, looking for all the world like a princess leia bikini convention

I don't want to know how many pimply-faced guys have the princess leia bikini convention poster on their wall

That’s right: it’s a Princess Leia bikini pillow fight. Somewhere three million nerds have just formed a new mental image of heaven. Somewhere else the ghost of Jabba the Hutt is saying something like “ooo baa. Ugghaa Umbawooo!” But nobody has any idea what that means.

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Ready for the Tie Fighter Attack

Ready for the Tie Fighter Attack

A behind-the-scenes look at the making of the first Star Wars movie, with Harrison Ford looking ready for the Tie Fighter Attack

Mr. Lucas, I'm ready for the tie fighter attack now.

Great behind the scenes look at the making of the first Star Wars movie with Harrison Ford and Chewbacca looking like they’re ready for the tie fighter attack. Love the attention to detail in the set and being able to watch how it was all put together.

(click to view)

Wookie Steak

Man dressed as storm trooper from star wars sitting over a big plate of wookie steak

What's for dinner, dad? Wookie Steak! Any good? It's a little Chewy....

Nothing like getting a little wookie to start out your day. Or, as they say, “rrrr, rrr. rrrr!”

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