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Binary Calendar

a binary calender which only uses ones and zeros

Remember there are only 10 kinds of people who understand binary in the world

There’s no place like

a doormat with the words written on it there's no place like

I hang out in the neighborhood greeting people. Guess you could call me a localhost

Blue Screen of Death T-Shirt

A girl in a blue t-shirt with computer error messages written on the front showing the blue screen of death t-shirt concept

Blue Screen of Death T-Shirt. This poor girl must have had problems dereferencing a null pointer

This ends your dating experience for today. It’s easy to get a response like this, especially if you don’t use the proper anti-virus protection. Sometimes the dating experience is so bad the best you can hope for is a memory dump. This is why it’s important to save your work often. Especially before really bad pick-up lines.

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Angry Birds The Real Story

A picture from a unique angle showing what might be angry birds the real story. It shows the angry birds going off the screen of the angry birds game, and into the old Mario game

Next on Geraldo -- Angry Birds the real story

This is a really cool ray-traced graphic that shows the side-view of the angry birds game. And who knew? When you shoot those birds off-screen, you’re actually shooting them into the old Super Mario game! I can see a lot more behind-the scenes shots like this coming to the site in the near future.

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Keep Talking Nerdy To Me

A girl with a t-shirt that says keep talking nerdy to me

Keep Talking Nerdy to me -- what every nerd wants to hear

Adding to our awesome collection of nerdy and geeky t-shirts, this talk nerdy to me shirt is just what the doctor ordered. Not sure what the top symbol is though. Perhaps glasses? In any event, now’s your chance to actually talk natural to another normal human being. Don’t mess it up!

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Mount Me

Two sexy girls sitting behind a table, both wearing t-shirts saying mount me

With both of them having t-shirts that say "mount me", these girls must be serious linux fans.

It’s great to see young ladies so dedicated to supporting file systems as to put mount me on their t-shirts. Takes a lot of drive. Not many more girls from their sector would write that well without errors. The last bunch had t-shirts that said “fsck — it’s fun!”

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Picture of the escape key from a computer keyboard with little legs running away from the computer

Escape. He finally made it!

He finally did it! First your keyboard lost control, and now escape is making a run for it as well. If things keep going like this, before long you’ll be shiftless. A cold num lock will form on your body, and you won’t be able to go home. Very sad. I wouldn’t wish that on anybody!

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Human Hotfix

A technical looking graphic, like you would see for a new product, captioned human v1.1 human hotfix

Damn, the Human Hotfix is out? I'm still on version .02

Did you hear the Human Hotfix was out? Is this something we get automatically or do I have to surf to some special website?

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Microsoft in 1978

Microsoft in 1978

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I’m CEO Bitch

I'm CEO Bitch

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