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Mercilon Tabs

the prescription instruction for mercilon tabs, which are so complicated it's impossible to understand

Yes, yes. That's just what I was going to do

Tsunami Evacuation Plan

sign giving out the tsunami evacuation plan which is to grab a beer and run like hell

Best to keep a beer close-by at all times, just to be safe

Please Neuter Your Pets

a billboard that says please neuter your pets and weird friends and relatives

We'll help you with the pets. You're on your own with the rest of 'em.

This Sign is in Spanish

a sign that says this sign is in spanish when you're not looking

Okay, I'm not looking right now.

Soup of the Day

a chalk sign that says the soup of the day is the tears of our enemies

Does that come in gallon containers?

Don’t Grow Up

sidewalk sign that says don't grow up, it's a trap

NOW they tell me

Employees Must Wash Hands

a sign that says employees must wash hands where underneath somebody has added if an employee is not available you will have to wash your own hands

Now that's what I call service

I Hate Being Bipolar

sign on the side of a building that says I hate being bipolar it's awesome

And stop arguing with me about it!

Please Eat the Ice Cream in the Freezer

A sign at some office saying please eat the ice cream in the freezer

Dessert will be dark. And crowded.

Baby On Board

Sign on back of car that says Baby On Board

Going to be hard to get him off of there

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