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Things to Release at a Wedding Ceremony

a bar graph of various things to release at a wedding ceremony

"the brakes" would also be bad

Lord of the Rings

cast picture in regular clothes of the main characters from Lord of the Rings

Took me a minute to realize who these guys were

I’ll be Bach

I'll be Bach is a painting of J.S. Bach with Arnold Schwarzenegger's face photoshopped on

Wonder how long he'll take. Hope it's not longer than a minuet

Don’t Grow Up

sidewalk sign that says don't grow up, it's a trap

NOW they tell me

Zombie Boyfriend

zombie boyfriend makes the girl happy because he at least likes her for her brains

Also is much more emotionally available than normal boyfriends

Leonard Nimoy’s Car

a picture from the late 1960s of leonard nimoy's car with nimoy in front in full spock character

A logical choice

Best Home Theater Ever

A picture of the best home theater ever -- set up to look like the bridge of the Enterprise from Star Trek Next Generation


Morgan Freeman Chain of Command

picture of the morgan freeman chain of command, which is all the roles he has played in movies

Damn, the man's everywhere!

Still Gets Lost

Poster with scene from movie Prometheus captioned has 3d map and video link to the ship and still gets lost

I'm a Geologist not a navigator!

The Walking Bread

a poster titled the walking bread

Grains! Grains!

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