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Lord of the Rings

cast picture in regular clothes of the main characters from Lord of the Rings

Took me a minute to realize who these guys were

A Wedding To Remember

a wedding to remember is a picture of a bride doing a keg stand sucking down beer

Well. Kind of.

Promise to Never Drink That Much Again

A cartoon with one guy telling the other that they are going to promise never to drink that much again -- until they go drinking again

It's the thought that counts

Why do you do this?

a cat dressed in a shirt held like a baby looking up at his owner with the caption of why do you do this

Have you no shame?

Men Relax Best While Wives do the Work

Newspaper article with headline that states men relax best while wives do the work

Sadly, this was the last article from Sam Smtih

Those Zoo Bastards

Photo from a zoo with a real lion looking out at a stretcher being carried out with a fake lion on it, as if to say those zoo bastards!

What have they done with Tony?

My Arms are Tired

Young shirtless man holding sign which says my arms are tired

And it's about time somebody did something about it!

The Original Thriller

People in an antique photograph dancing to what appears to be the original thriller

The Original Thriller from 1903

Here’s a shot of the Original Thriller from 1903. And Michael Jackson was white even then. You don’t see a lot of pictures from music videos from 1903 any more. Perhaps because MTV hadn’t been invented yet, all motion pictures didn’t have sound, and everybody was rich and white. Much like movies in the 1950s, except without sound.

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Red Solo Cup

Two guys in red solo cup costumes, with the caption "red solo cup, proceed to party" which is a line from a currently-popular country singer

Red Solo Cup, The Costumes. Nice going, guys!

It’s a viral hit, Toby Keith’s “Red Solo Cup” The next logical step was for it to become a costume! Easy to make, too.

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Not Really The Same

Two pictures side by side; both are men on motorcycles, but the first has a cute girl in a swimsuit behind him while the other guy has a goat behind him, which is not really the same

What bothers me is that in some places the phrase "Not Really The Same" doesn't really apply......

Somebody should tell the guy with the goat on his back that it’s not really the same. Not me, though. That goat looks pretty mean.

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