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Stop Running I Love You

Moose chasing man with the caption stop running I love you

I just don't think it's going to work out

Paper Jam

Captioned Paper Jam, shows man at copier frustrated. Inside copier are three pieces of paper playing various instruments

So that's how it works.

TV Weather Men From Different Countries

pictures of TV weather Men from different countries. They are all cute girls except the one from Norway who is an old fat guy

Norway. My future home as a weather man

This is my Job

A picture of a man recycling soft drink cans that says this is my job, it's soda pressing

Learned it in the can

West Virginia Driver’s License

A west virginia driver's license showing a man chugging from a bottle of liquor

Cops: hey, looks just like him!

It’s Okay, the Chicken Isn’t Driving

man giving his pet chicken a beer with the caption its okay the chicken isnt driving

Plus he sings a pretty good karaoke

Self Defense Tips For Women

a poster showing self defense tips for women where the woman asks for commitment and the man runs awar

E-gads! That's almost a perfect defense!


Cartoon representing life with boy growing to man and finally saying well that sucked

Hated to give away the ending like that

White Trash Training Session

A demotivator with a fat man surrounded by girls in bikinis hamming it up with the caption white trash training session

There's a reality show in there somewhere

Dad’s Impression of Sister

A dual picture with the top picture being a girl posing and the bottom picture titled dad's impression of sister

He also does a pretty good Cary Grant

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