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The Game

The game. The kid has won it. Shown by a picture of a toddler playing a video game surrounded by several very attractive young ladies wearing German oktoberfest low-cut dresses

Good grief. Save us from when he gets to be 16.

Don’t Grow Up

sidewalk sign that says don't grow up, it's a trap

NOW they tell me


Cartoon representing life with boy growing to man and finally saying well that sucked

Hated to give away the ending like that

Mom Can I Go Online

Cartoon with little boy asking mom can I go online and next panel shows him really old

Couple more hours and I'm wrapping this up

Bride was a dang ugly kid

A photo showing that the bride was a dang ugly kid by showing her back, topless aside from the veil, looking at a huge portrait of a young girl with an awkward smile and really big teeth

That bride was a dang ugly kid. Can't imagine why she'd want that as a wedding photo

Dear future bridegroom. Take a good, hard look. Now take a good hard look at your mother-in-law. Between those two mental pictures I think we have your future pretty much mapped out for you. Perhaps the kid isn’t so terribly ugly, but there is definitely something about this picture that gives me the heebie-geebies.

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The Chia Family

The Chia Family looks a lot like a cross between chia pets and people. it's a mother-daughter photo, both are wearing identical red sweaters, glasses, and have weird short haircuts

The Chia family were a lot of Fun. You just had to be sure to water them regularly.

Finally we’ve discovered the family that invented the chia pet. And who can forget the catchy theme song? Cha-cha-cha-chia! This family was great to have over for a visit. Just had a hard time not singing that little song to yourself while getting them tea or coffee.

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Let me out

Picture of a boy in foreground, large woman in background wearing pink zip up jacket with two baby legs sticking out and strange bumps strongly implying there's some baby in there yelling help, let me out!

Help -- let me out!

It’s warm and dark in here — please let me out! I promise to be good! (When she said there was a skinny person inside of her struggling to get out, I had no idea that I was supposed to take her seriously.) Now I know how the idea of Quatro originated.

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New Elmo Released

Picture of the Sesame Street Elmo doll with a little boy and a fake hyperdermic needle. The cartoon bubble from new Elmo released says Oh Boy! That tickles!

The new Elmo Released this week says many things when you pull his string, including "Got some shit?" "Okay, give me your wallet, asshole" and "Oh Boy! I'm Tweaking!"

Now that the new Elmo is released, maybe it’s time to take a look at your Sesame Street usage.

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Pretty Princess

Pretty Princess

Perhaps she ate the pretty princess?

Also released under in the same package, the pretty princess scarecrow kit and the pretty princess Halloween selection. Buy two and get a free paintbrush applicator! It’s waterproof, fireproof, impermeable to chemical attack, and once you add a little sugar, makes for a great fondue.

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Others Must Fail

Others Must Fail

Here's a guy with a set of life values -- "others must fail" we all can understand, but probably not agree with..

Be careful what you put in your yearbook cpation — it it’s something like “others must fail” then you might have a lot of embarrassment coming your way one day. Wonder how this guy actually turned out?

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