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Defenders Of The Internet

A pendant that says defender of the internet and has a picture of nyan cat and other things on it

What? No cats?

Damn Lag

A picture of Jesus leaving the tomb on the third day, saying damn lag!

Took me three days to respawn

Mom Can I Go Online

Cartoon with little boy asking mom can I go online and next panel shows him really old

Couple more hours and I'm wrapping this up

There’s no place like

a doormat with the words written on it there's no place like

I hang out in the neighborhood greeting people. Guess you could call me a localhost

Dad’s Impression of Sister

A dual picture with the top picture being a girl posing and the bottom picture titled dad's impression of sister

He also does a pretty good Cary Grant

Earliest Antivirus Program

A picture of the trojans bringing the large wooden horse into the city with a popup antivirus warning showing the earliest antivirus program

Not that they listened to it

Unemployed Stuff To Do List

Handwritten note on steno pad, titled unemployed stuff to do list

Forgot the one about sharing it online

Apache Forbidden T-Shirt

The web server error message made for a girl's t-shirt making a cool Apache forbidden t-shirt

What's this "Apache Forbidden T-Shirt?" I don't have permission to access girl on this server? Oh great, now I got to get credentials.

Sometimes even if you have the protocol down, you can address a resource you just can’t get your hands on. You know what the problem is, don’t you? She is waiting for royalty. That’s right, she’s just looking for the right URL. Sometimes a handshake isn’t enough: a girl wants the correct certificate.

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Man with Huge Satellite Dish on his Back

a guy walking down the mountain with a 8-foot dish strapped to his back which matches with the caption man with huge satellite dish on his back.

Man with huge satellite dish on his back will still not get free HBO. Yep, life sucks like that.

I see the super-high speed 7G networks are finally rolling out. Meet Pedro. He created the world’s first internet hotspot in 1997. If you think hauling the satellite dish around like this is hard work, you should see the other guy. He’s on another mountain hauling an entire satellite around.

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Craigslist Sex Ad For Somebody With Difficulty Waiting

An ad on craigslist that describes a sexy girl and ends with never mind --- looking for all the world like a Craigslist Sex Ad For Somebody With Difficulty Waiting

Yep, it's a real Craigslist Sex Ad For Somebody With Difficulty Waiting. Guy like that would never actually have to post the ad.

Reminds me of the old George Carlin joke about bisexuals. Can you imagine wanting to have sex with everybody you meet? You wouldn’t need a black book, you could just use the phonebook. Likewise, if you have a problem, er, waiting for the appropriate amount of time, the world is your oyster! (so to speak). Just start up writing some sexual fantasy and you’ll be living it before you get to the end.

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