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Still Gets Lost

Poster with scene from movie Prometheus captioned has 3d map and video link to the ship and still gets lost

I'm a Geologist not a navigator!

The Walking Bread

a poster titled the walking bread

Grains! Grains!

Bird And Egg

bird and egg where egg is actually egg from alien and tackles bird

Oooh. That's going to hurt.

Kat Kong

A fake movie poster with picture of cat on it titled Kat Kong

It's enough to give you paws

Zombie Apocalypse Cute?

cat biting dog on head with caption zombie apocalypse could be cuter than you imagine

The tragic consequences of refusing to arm dogs with shotguns

The Creature From the Black Lagoon

A movie still from the film The Creature From the Black Lagoon showing the creature menacingly approaching a supine girl in a swimsuit

Online dating. It doesn't work for everybody.

Soldiers and Zombies

A solider on patrol with a very strange-looking toothless man hanging off his shoulder, showing that soldiers and zombies don't always have to hate each other

Soldiers and Zombies: they're not so bad once you get to know them

Hey, there’s no reason soldiers and zombies should hate one another. Give it some time, let them get to know each other, and who knows what might happen? They might actually become friends! Or at least kinda sorta friends. The important thing here is that the solider is not using a rocket launcher to blow away the zombie, which is exactly what I’d do.

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Clowns With Boobs

Illustrating clowns with boobs, a stomach-up picture of a young lady in clown makeup wearing a lacy bra

Clowns with Boobs. Still pretty scary.

There have been Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Clowns from beyond, and now, Clowns with Boobs. If you’re like me, you’re wondering what kinds of clowns would put on shows like this. The answer is very sad clowns. Very. Sad.

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In Case of Sparkly Vampires

A wooden sign with nice lettering and little wooden stakes hanging down underneath on which is written "break off In Case of Sparkly Vampires"

Do you really need to take any action in case of sparkly vampires? Somehow I doubt it.

Somebody must take charge in case of sparkly vampires. Might as well be you! Seems to me like the stakes could use tassels, though. Maybe a disco light illuminating the sign. Or perhaps a muscle shirt that you could wear while chasing the sparkly ones.

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The Night Christmas was Reversed

the night christmas was reversed

Using “The Night Christmas was Reversed,” here are some sample captions and story leads to help you do your own material (click to view)

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