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The Game

The game. The kid has won it. Shown by a picture of a toddler playing a video game surrounded by several very attractive young ladies wearing German oktoberfest low-cut dresses

Good grief. Save us from when he gets to be 16.

Zombie Boyfriend

zombie boyfriend makes the girl happy because he at least likes her for her brains

Also is much more emotionally available than normal boyfriends

Bikini Intelligence Test

The bikini intelligence test shows two girls from behind walking down the beach. They are wearing their bikini bottoms on backwards


Cute Girls and Baseball

Picture showing cute girls and baseball. The catcher is so busy looking at the cute girl he is not paying attention to the game.

Well gee, that's not going to work.

TV Weather Men From Different Countries

pictures of TV weather Men from different countries. They are all cute girls except the one from Norway who is an old fat guy

Norway. My future home as a weather man

Dear Girls

sign that says dear girls, if a guy wants you to learn how to play a game it means you are the most important person in his life and he also needs a healer

Well, at least there's a bright side

Tastes Like Hiney

This photo tastes like hiney. It's normally-clothed girls. One is doing something with her mouth on the other girl's short skirt hem or butt. Don't know.

Drinking can be really bad for you

Stargate Swimming Pool

poorly photoshopped ad that looks like girls swimming in a stargate swimming pool

Have fun on more than one planet at the same time!

Grandpa Munster Goes to the Beach

An older man posing with a couple of younger girls in bikinis, almost like grandpa munster goes to the beach

Looks like he's having a pretty good time too

F#@k College

A couple of young girls on a stripper pole with the caption f#@k college

This story is not going to end well

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