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The Game

The game. The kid has won it. Shown by a picture of a toddler playing a video game surrounded by several very attractive young ladies wearing German oktoberfest low-cut dresses

Good grief. Save us from when he gets to be 16.

Game of Thrones

cartoon captioned game of thrones which shows a couple of toilets playing cards

Hey look. I've got a flush.

Underwater Beer Pong

a girl in a pool playing underwater beer pont

Welcome to the next level

Quadratic PacMan

A Quadratic pacman, that is, a tattoo of the quadratic equation flanked by pacman characters

Getting to the Root of PacMan

Angry Birds The Real Story

A picture from a unique angle showing what might be angry birds the real story. It shows the angry birds going off the screen of the angry birds game, and into the old Mario game

Next on Geraldo -- Angry Birds the real story

This is a really cool ray-traced graphic that shows the side-view of the angry birds game. And who knew? When you shoot those birds off-screen, you’re actually shooting them into the old Super Mario game! I can see a lot more behind-the scenes shots like this coming to the site in the near future.

Here on the site we provide a place for funny pictures to gather and be appreciated. Many times you might have seen a picture somewhere and think “where the heck did I see this at?” Caption of the Day tries to help you find it again. We tag each image as much as possible. That way you can cross-reference material in case you get close but don’t find exactly what you’re looking for. You and other users can provide your own captions. We even try to provide some sample captions in case you’re all out of ideas.(click to view)

Farmville and your Pets

A skeleton dog positioned so it is waiting at a door, as if to say farmville and your pets don't get along.

Farmville and your Pets: one set of animals actually really needs your attention

The lesson to learn about Farmville and your pets is, unlike your animals in Farmville, your animals in the real world actually need your care and attention. If you wait this long playing Farmville before you do anything, Rover is never going to forgive you. But on the bright side your vet bills will decrease drastically.

Over here on the blog we provide a service to the internet community. We keep track of all those funny pictures you saw last month but can’t remember where to find them again. You’re welcome to submit them by email or carrier pigeon. Once accepted, we take each image and resize it, placing it on the blog with lots of tags so that you can cross-reference it with similar images if you’d like. Other users come by and help out with some more sample jokes for you to use (in case you didn’t like the joke you found on the image the first time.) If you’re drawing a blank for sample material, and if nobody has provided their own stuff, we’ve even taken a crack at some captions to get the ball rolling. (click to view)

Saved All of Hyrule

A picture of a person dressed as link on the ground with a chicken on top of him, looking as if he just saved all of Hyrule but something bad happened with the chikcen

Saved all of Hyrule, then killed by a stupid chicken

Saved all of Hyrule. End up getting killed by a chicken. Please promise not to tell the other players. And you knew there had to just be something about those chickens, didn’t you? It’s not like they were just put there for visual noise or something. It’s always the ones you least suspect that get you in the end.

Welcome to the site. What we do here is collect, tag, and store images from all over the web. We try to attribute images as well as possible (please email us with attribution if we’ve missed something). Viewers browsing through the site can add their own captions to the material they see. If you’d like to participate but are drawing a blank, we’ve provided some sample captions to get you started. (click to view)

If Battlestar Galactica was a 1990s RPG

If the embedded link to “If Battlestar Galactica was a 1990s RPG” is not working, here’s the full link to the original CollegeHumor video. I used a YouTube link because I couldn’t figure out how to embed something from CH.

Using “If Battlestar Galactica was a 1990s RPG,” here are some sample captions and story leads to help you do your own material (click to view)

If Battlestar Galactica was a 1990s RPG

Sexy Pool Table Games

Sexy Pool Table Games

Using a starting point of “Sexy Pool Table Games” some sample captions and story leads to help you do your own material (click to view)

Tesseract Cat Playhouse

tesseract cat playhouse

Using a starting point of “Tesseract Cat Playhouse” some sample captions and story leads to help you do your own material (click to view)

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