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Please Neuter Your Pets

a billboard that says please neuter your pets and weird friends and relatives

We'll help you with the pets. You're on your own with the rest of 'em.

Dad’s Impression of Sister

A dual picture with the top picture being a girl posing and the bottom picture titled dad's impression of sister

He also does a pretty good Cary Grant

Surprise Babies

Man and woman at hospital with man holding new baby and both of them looking like these surprise babies are not welcome at all


The Family Picture You Never Want to see on Facebook

A large, unwashed, skinny bearded man wearing nothing but a fig leaf with his gets obviously uncomfortable is definitely the family picture you never want to see on facebook

This is the family picture you never want to see on facebook. Trust me, anything you say or do in reply to this will be wrong. Very wrong.

After living for years in a cave in the backyard, we finally got dad to come out for our yearly family portrait. He was happy that day — his medication had been working for almost a week and he wasn’t singing the “In the Jungle, the mighty jungle” song over and over again. Later that month he got a really bad case of termites.

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Naked Pregnant Woman and a Tire

A picture of a naked pregnant woman and a tire. Her husband is also present. Her arms cover her chest, so there is no nudity.

Because naked pregnant woman and a tire go so naturally together

First, what is with with pregnant women posing naked? Look, this is what got you in this condition to begin with. Enough with the nakedness! And the tire? I’m not even sure what the relevance is. Pregnancy makes you tired? Looking forward to the tread of children across the living room floor?

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Wookie Family Picture

A family with extremely big hair, as if they were posing for a magazine called wookie family pictures.

I love the wookie family picture. Actually, this is from Uncle Joe's side. They're only half-wookies.

Good thing we bought that Tesla coil last weekend. Look, they’re a family, they’re a thunderstorm detector, and, turn them upside-down to make a mop! Comes in all sizes. I bet these folks are REALLY difficult to buy hats for. Those have to be wigs. Come on. That’s not real. Nobody has hair that looks like that, especially the kid.

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Pregnant Gun Stealer

A picture of a pregnant gun stealer, that is, a man carrying a gun next to a pregnant woman who is reaching around behind his back to draw his gun from the holster

Pregnant Gun Stealer has one in the oven, and 17 in the magazine.

If there’s anything more natural than taking off your shirt when your wife is pregnant (why are these people stripping for family photos?) it’s carrying your Sig to the photo shoot. And of course, wifey is going to seductively reach around and grab your pistola while you smile. There’s an underlying style here, but it escapes me.

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The Topless Family

A picture of a middle-aged man, woman, and two small children, all without their tops on, demonstrating a pretty good example of the topless family (no nudity)

The nice thing about the topless family is that they were easy to buy shirts for

It’s generally a good idea if your yearly family picture isn’t R-rated. Fortunately these guys aren’t over the line, but still if pasties are an option for mom, maybe you should work on making the family picture a tad more tasteful. I guess this explains why people don’t get a lot of holiday cards from nudists. A scary concept.

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Good Samaritan Lions

Good Samaritan Lions

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Christmas Love

Christmas Love

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