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Please Eat the Ice Cream in the Freezer

A sign at some office saying please eat the ice cream in the freezer

Dessert will be dark. And crowded.

I Love Cats

A t-shirt that says I Love Cats

Hardly Ever See Them On Sale

Pamela Anderson Looks Yummy

PETA poster with famous star cut up into steaks, showing that, indeed, Pamela Anderson looks yummy

We all know Pamela Anderson looks yummy, but never really thought about her with a bottle of A-1 before

Looking at a picture of Pamela Anderon on a PETA poster with all the places marked where they cut steaks on a cow, all it really does is make me want to barbecue her. Is that so bad?

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Really Shouldn’t Have Eaten the Appetizer

Figure skater with an apparent other figure skater coming out of his butt, lending credence to the phrase he really shouldn't have eaten the appetizer

Gosh, if he's thinking he really shouldn't have eaten the appetizer, I don't even want to know what he had for a main course

If the male figure skater has a female figure skater sticking out of his butt, he really shouldn’t have eaten the appetizer.

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The Other Children

A picture of a baby with spaghetti stains on his face (which look something like blood) and the caption oh yes, the other children, they tasted wonderful

Yes, yes. The other children. They tasted wonderful!

I don’t know about you, but after wondering what happened to the other children, to me this is one baby I do not want to be messing with. It could be spaghetti stains, sure. Or it might be something else entirely…

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Wookie Steak

Man dressed as storm trooper from star wars sitting over a big plate of wookie steak

What's for dinner, dad? Wookie Steak! Any good? It's a little Chewy....

Nothing like getting a little wookie to start out your day. Or, as they say, “rrrr, rrr. rrrr!”

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Rachael Ray Takes a Sad Turn

Rachael Ray Takes a Sad Turn

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Get Out

Get Out

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Let’s Eat Grandpa

Let's Eat Grandpa

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Save Room for Dessert

Save Room For Dessert

Some sample captions and story leads to get you started (click to view)

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