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Drunk Mode

a photoshopped picture of an imaginary ios settings page with drunk mode added. The display below shows that when you try to text somebody, it keeps the text for later review

This could really catch on in college communities

Tastes Like Hiney

This photo tastes like hiney. It's normally-clothed girls. One is doing something with her mouth on the other girl's short skirt hem or butt. Don't know.

Drinking can be really bad for you


Vodka because you're ugly, and I'm horny

Might be time to start ordering doubles

Promise to Never Drink That Much Again

A cartoon with one guy telling the other that they are going to promise never to drink that much again -- until they go drinking again

It's the thought that counts

Gin And Tonic Diet

A icon-like art picture showing a lady holding a mixed drink in her hand with the caption "I'm on the gin and tonic diet. Already I've lost two days."

The Gin and Tonic Diet does wonders. With the proper application, you can lose entire weeks.

This reminds me of the Alzheimer’s comedy hour. They just tell the same joke over and over again. Seriously, gin and tonic are not trivial things to be toyed with. It takes a trained adult to go on a multi-day bender and forget who they are. Don’t try this at work. (You’re welcome to try it at home if you so choose.)

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Carrots are Alcohol for Pandas

A picture of a bunch of pandas kicking back with carrots and seemingly smiling, showing that yes, maybe carrots are alcohol for pandas

Carrots are Alcohol for Pandas. Fortunately none of the pandas pictured have to drive later

Little known fact: carrots are alcohol for Pandas. Every year, Pandas get their checks from the Chinese government, go down to the local Cosco and load up on carrots, sometimes not even making it back to the bamboo patch before they start singing old Panda drinking songs. It’s a sad part of Panda life little-reported in western media.

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Drunken People Crossing

A highway warning sign with what appears to be a man crawling on all fours and the caption drunken people crossing

The drunken people crossing sign needs to be more widely used, especially on college campuses

If you can read the sign for drunken people crossing, it’s okay to try crossing the street.

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Red Solo Cup

Two guys in red solo cup costumes, with the caption "red solo cup, proceed to party" which is a line from a currently-popular country singer

Red Solo Cup, The Costumes. Nice going, guys!

It’s a viral hit, Toby Keith’s “Red Solo Cup” The next logical step was for it to become a costume! Easy to make, too.

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Drunk Guy at Party

Drunk Guy at Party

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The Mulligans Sign Says Free Beer!

The Mulligans Sign Says Free Beer

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