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Drunk Mode

a photoshopped picture of an imaginary ios settings page with drunk mode added. The display below shows that when you try to text somebody, it keeps the text for later review

This could really catch on in college communities

A Wedding To Remember

a wedding to remember is a picture of a bride doing a keg stand sucking down beer

Well. Kind of.

Once Upon a Time

A poster titled once upon a time which tells the story of a man who didn't marry the princess and instead had fun being a slob

I love these fairy tales. They always get me misty.

West Virginia Driver’s License

A west virginia driver's license showing a man chugging from a bottle of liquor

Cops: hey, looks just like him!

Tastes Like Hiney

This photo tastes like hiney. It's normally-clothed girls. One is doing something with her mouth on the other girl's short skirt hem or butt. Don't know.

Drinking can be really bad for you

The Liver is Evil

A sign saying the liver is evil

It's about time we struck back against the evil liver

Take Your Son To Work Day

a take your son to work day demotivator with two bottles of Jack Daniels, one large and one small, half-empty and sitting on a desk

Going to be a long day, kid


Vodka because you're ugly, and I'm horny

Might be time to start ordering doubles

It’s Okay, the Chicken Isn’t Driving

man giving his pet chicken a beer with the caption its okay the chicken isnt driving

Plus he sings a pretty good karaoke

Tonight’s Special

picture of sign outside bar that says tonight's special

If that's the case, hope they have booze

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