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Drunk Mode

a photoshopped picture of an imaginary ios settings page with drunk mode added. The display below shows that when you try to text somebody, it keeps the text for later review

This could really catch on in college communities

Defenders Of The Internet

A pendant that says defender of the internet and has a picture of nyan cat and other things on it

What? No cats?

Mom Can I Go Online

Cartoon with little boy asking mom can I go online and next panel shows him really old

Couple more hours and I'm wrapping this up

There’s no place like

a doormat with the words written on it there's no place like

I hang out in the neighborhood greeting people. Guess you could call me a localhost

Meanwhile in the IT Department

young man sitting in a room completely crowded with little toys and the caption reads meanwhile in the IT department

If the toys ever rise up, I know one guy who's going to be really sorry

Earliest Antivirus Program

A picture of the trojans bringing the large wooden horse into the city with a popup antivirus warning showing the earliest antivirus program

Not that they listened to it

Keyboard Hand Grendade

A photoshopped or raytraced picture of a keyboard hand grenade, that is, the 3-d shape of a hand grenade, but made entirely out of a computer keyboard twisted around

There is no escape

Old 15MB Hard Drive

picture of an old 15mb hard drive selling for $2495.00

They don't make them like this anymore

Blue Screen of Death T-Shirt

A girl in a blue t-shirt with computer error messages written on the front showing the blue screen of death t-shirt concept

Blue Screen of Death T-Shirt. This poor girl must have had problems dereferencing a null pointer

This ends your dating experience for today. It’s easy to get a response like this, especially if you don’t use the proper anti-virus protection. Sometimes the dating experience is so bad the best you can hope for is a memory dump. This is why it’s important to save your work often. Especially before really bad pick-up lines.

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Angry Birds The Real Story

A picture from a unique angle showing what might be angry birds the real story. It shows the angry birds going off the screen of the angry birds game, and into the old Mario game

Next on Geraldo -- Angry Birds the real story

This is a really cool ray-traced graphic that shows the side-view of the angry birds game. And who knew? When you shoot those birds off-screen, you’re actually shooting them into the old Super Mario game! I can see a lot more behind-the scenes shots like this coming to the site in the near future.

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