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Finger Amputations Performed Here

Sign over a box says finger amputations performed here. Hole is cut in box, and there is a cat inside swiping his paw out to play.

it's enough to give you paws

Please Neuter Your Pets

a billboard that says please neuter your pets and weird friends and relatives

We'll help you with the pets. You're on your own with the rest of 'em.

I Love Cats

A t-shirt that says I Love Cats

Hardly Ever See Them On Sale

It’s Monday Again

picture of cat saying it's monday again

Can I go home now?

Kat Kong

A fake movie poster with picture of cat on it titled Kat Kong

It's enough to give you paws

Zombie Apocalypse Cute?

cat biting dog on head with caption zombie apocalypse could be cuter than you imagine

The tragic consequences of refusing to arm dogs with shotguns

There is a Spy Among Us

bunch of fluffy cats in a line with a fluffy puppy and one cat saying there is a spy among us

I think it's the Siamese

Come at me Bro!

A picture of a kitten standing on his back legs with his front paws in a vaguely kung fu stance with the phrase come at me bro underneath

One more move and I will show you the way of the kitten

A Bad Case of Kittens

a computer case opened up with five kittens playing around as if to say here's a bad case of kittens!

Well there's your problem -- looks like you've got a bad case of kittens here

Stay Thirsty My Friend Cats

Cat reclining on couch with beer and remote control with caption of stay thirst my friend cats

I don't always watch TV, but when I do....

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