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Finger Amputations Performed Here

Sign over a box says finger amputations performed here. Hole is cut in box, and there is a cat inside swiping his paw out to play.

it's enough to give you paws


a demotivator titled stress with a cartoon cat smoking a lot of cigarettes and drinking coffee

Stress must be conquered in the mind

Spot 7 Differences

A before and after cartoon captioned spot 7 Differences with the first picture having a cat and 7 little chicks and the second picture showing only the cat with feathers and blood everywherer

Hmmm. This is going to be a tough one.

Hover Cat

picture of cat looking as if he is floating over the ground and the caption hover cat flies low to avoid radar detection

Now available in tabby

Innocent Cat

picture of cat standing up on back haunches looking as if it was offended with caption innocent cat

Perhaps innocent cat is not so innocent

It’s a Chicken Strip

cat looking at fully plucked chicken walking by as if to say it's a chicken strip

My god, just what IS that thing?

Cat Weekend Begins

Cat Weekend Begins is a picture of a tabby cat laying on his back wearing sunglasses and holding a bottle of wine and a wine glass

The mice will still be there on Monday

Kitten in Gravy

A little whiskas cat food bad where the words seem to say kitten in gravy

I hate it when the little whiskers get caught between my teeth

And now the Dance of my People

A kitten standing up with a strange look on its face, as if to say and now the dance of my people

Please, no pictures.

Cat Antigravity Perfected

Picture of man and cat in hotel room floating upside down in the air as if cat antigravity perfected finally

Let's hope the other cats never see this

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