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Cute Girls and Baseball

Picture showing cute girls and baseball. The catcher is so busy looking at the cute girl he is not paying attention to the game.

Well gee, that's not going to work.

This is my Job

A picture of a man recycling soft drink cans that says this is my job, it's soda pressing

Learned it in the can


Cartoon representing life with boy growing to man and finally saying well that sucked

Hated to give away the ending like that

I’m Not a Complete Idiot

Picture of a very stupid-looking young man with the caption I'm not a complete idiot below him

There are still some pieces missing

The Spirit of Science Just Died a Little

Demotivator with the caption the spirit of science just died a little showing a boy in front of a science fair project which asks if there will be minorities in heaven

Simply because you filled out the template doesn't mean what you're doing has anything to do with science

Sister Licking my Ear

A childhood portrait with sister and borther, both of a very young age, showing sister licking my ear makes me smile!

Sister licking my ear feels kind of good! But something's very wrong with that.

It might feel good now, but later on you’re going to need therapy. Lots of it. Sadly, junior lost his ear to Tammy just three months later during the great foot shortage of 88. If you parents want any more reasons not to let your kids watch inappropriate movies, look no further.

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Little Johnny’s Class Picture

Little Johnny's class picture is a picture of a class with all the kids sitting on one side of the bleachers and one little boy sitting by himself on the other side.

Taking a look at little Johnny's class picture, it reminds me that some days you're just not going to fit in.

You can always tell the kid that had beans for supper the night before. Either that or his class has a large number of ninjas in it. Perhaps the bench has a pivot in it, and Johnny just happens to weight 4,275 pounds. Or he could be radioactive. Nobody ever talks enough about the plight of radioactive children in school.

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January December Marriage

What appears to be a wedding picture of a really old woman and a really young man, illustrating what might be called a January December marriage.

It was a January December marriage. Like January 1920.

I’m guessing the honeymoon is going to be really short — like the walk to the car. This guy could end up being a widower before he’s 20. And collecting retirement checks for the rest of his life! Wait a minute…. Perhaps it’s time to go nursing home trolling. Not sure what the beer index is for this idea, though.

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Application for Permission to Date my Daughter

A long form to be completed by a potential date titled "application for permission to date my daughter"

Please complete the application for permission to date my daughter in triplicate and file with the appropriate parental unit before 2 pm on Tuesday.

Sometimes we post pictures here that aren’t funny or interesting at all, just necessary things you’ll need in life. I think this application for permission to date my daughter clearly falls in the practical category. Of course, it’s missing some key ingredients, like a blood test, a secret oath, a lie detector follow-up, and the application of the remote tracking and monitoring device. Then, of course, is the eating of the potassium nitrate. (Those of you with service experience know what I’m talking about here.)

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Werewolf Boy

A werewolf boy, that is, a senior picture of a boy with long hair and a full, bushy beard. Wearing clothes from the late 70s.

Werewolf boy's theme song went kinda like this -- ahoooo! Werewolves of disco.

He came from the 70s with a polyester suit and an attitude. The only thing he feared was soap and a razor. He was: werewolf boy. Half boy, half were, and the other half wolf. His mother used to cry out Werewolf! But the people of the town would only point to the woods and say “There! There wolf!” (with apologies to Mel Brooks).

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