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The Game

The game. The kid has won it. Shown by a picture of a toddler playing a video game surrounded by several very attractive young ladies wearing German oktoberfest low-cut dresses

Good grief. Save us from when he gets to be 16.

Just Because

a picture of a pretty buxom brunette in a short one piece skirt that I'm posting just because I feel like it

I can

Apache Forbidden T-Shirt

The web server error message made for a girl's t-shirt making a cool Apache forbidden t-shirt

What's this "Apache Forbidden T-Shirt?" I don't have permission to access girl on this server? Oh great, now I got to get credentials.

Sometimes even if you have the protocol down, you can address a resource you just can’t get your hands on. You know what the problem is, don’t you? She is waiting for royalty. That’s right, she’s just looking for the right URL. Sometimes a handshake isn’t enough: a girl wants the correct certificate.

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Either the girl or the poodle look pretty silly

A strange picture showing that either the girl or the poodle look pretty silly. Both are in pink, the poodle dyed pink, the girl in pink fur. The girl has a large chest and is bent over like the dog to show a generous cleavage. Niether one looks especially happy.

Either the girl or the poodle look pretty silly. I'm not sure it's an exclusive OR.

One part of this picture looks pretty silly, but I’m having a difficult time narrowing it down. Sometimes when you’re alone, you might take pictures of yourself dressed up like a poodle sitting beside fluffy. It might be a good idea not to let one of those pictures loose on, say, the internet. Could end up in all kinds of weird places.

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Is Salma Hayek Working for Google?

With Salma Hayek's breasts filling in for the Os on the Google logo, it' no wonder people might wonder is Salma Hayek working for Google

Is Salma Hayek working for Google? Or is she just filling in for a while?

That woman is busting out all over the place. After looking at this latest hacked version of the Google search page, people are wondering is Salma Hayek working for Google. If she is, she needs to come clean and get it off her chest. Warning: boatloads of bad puns ahead.

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Nice Melons

A woman slicing watermelons with a bra that's made to look like watermelon rinds, leading to the comeback of nice melons

Nice melons! I mean the fruit, you perverts.

Sometimes you look at a picture and just say to yourself, “Nice Melons!” It helps a lot of the picture you are looking at actually contains melons. This is important stuff — the proper use of puns and double entendres could one day save your life. This is one reason there’s a serious push to get more melon costumes on television.

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Eyeful a day keeps the Doctor Away

An image of a newspaper article that has the headline "An eyeful a day keeps the doctor away"

This newspaper article might say an eyeful a day keeps the doctor away, but this is just too good to be true

An eyeful a day keeps the doctor away? Yeah, you wish bub. Somehow I have serious doubts about this news story being legitimate. But we men can only hope. Perhaps with enough stories like this, we could get our own Wikipedia entry! Woo hoo! Now there’s a plan!

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Clowns With Boobs

Illustrating clowns with boobs, a stomach-up picture of a young lady in clown makeup wearing a lacy bra

Clowns with Boobs. Still pretty scary.

There have been Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Clowns from beyond, and now, Clowns with Boobs. If you’re like me, you’re wondering what kinds of clowns would put on shows like this. The answer is very sad clowns. Very. Sad.

(click to view)

Generator For Sale

A demotivator with the caption "generator for sale" and an attractive girl in a short shirt bent over the foregroun showing off the underside of her breast. In the background is a generator.

If you have a generator for sale, marketing is always the key to success in sales (default)

If you want to make a poster for your generator for sale, having a sexy girl in the picture is always a good idea from a marketing standpoint. Especially one dressed in somewhat revealing clothes. Of course, that probably holds true for a lot more things than just generators…

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Pamela Anderson Looks Yummy

PETA poster with famous star cut up into steaks, showing that, indeed, Pamela Anderson looks yummy

We all know Pamela Anderson looks yummy, but never really thought about her with a bottle of A-1 before

Looking at a picture of Pamela Anderon on a PETA poster with all the places marked where they cut steaks on a cow, all it really does is make me want to barbecue her. Is that so bad?

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