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Tsunami Evacuation Plan

sign giving out the tsunami evacuation plan which is to grab a beer and run like hell

Best to keep a beer close-by at all times, just to be safe

Drunk Mode

a photoshopped picture of an imaginary ios settings page with drunk mode added. The display below shows that when you try to text somebody, it keeps the text for later review

This could really catch on in college communities

A Wedding To Remember

a wedding to remember is a picture of a bride doing a keg stand sucking down beer

Well. Kind of.

It’s Okay, the Chicken Isn’t Driving

man giving his pet chicken a beer with the caption its okay the chicken isnt driving

Plus he sings a pretty good karaoke

Underwater Beer Pong

a girl in a pool playing underwater beer pont

Welcome to the next level

Stay Thirsty My Friend Cats

Cat reclining on couch with beer and remote control with caption of stay thirst my friend cats

I don't always watch TV, but when I do....

Ultimate Beer Collection

A picture of what could be the ultimate beer collection. It shows a young man in a backpack in front of a 18-feet-tall refrigerator door opened with hundreds of different kinds of beer visible

You have found the ultimate beer collection. Now you must decide!

Somewhere out there, an adventurous person has found the ultimate beer collection. Over a thousand beers all stuffed into a giant-sized refrigerator. I can hear in my mind one of those heavenly chorus sounds as the door opens. Ahhhh! Now this is the kind of refrigerator that you need for a dorm room.

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Red Solo Cup

Two guys in red solo cup costumes, with the caption "red solo cup, proceed to party" which is a line from a currently-popular country singer

Red Solo Cup, The Costumes. Nice going, guys!

It’s a viral hit, Toby Keith’s “Red Solo Cup” The next logical step was for it to become a costume! Easy to make, too.

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The Office Just Got A Lot More Fun

The Office Just Got A Lot More Fun

When you see people getting draft beer from the old tower computer in the corner, you realize that the office just got a lot more fun

There’s no better sign that the office just got a lot more fun than seeing that somebody has started converting the old PCs into draft beer dispensers. Woohoo! Now if they could just turn the patchpanel into a jukebox!

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Beer Troubleshooting

Beer Troubleshooting

Provided as a public service, “Beer Troubleshooting” reviews common problems you may face with your beer and how to fix them.

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