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Evil Genius Ad

An evil genius ad in the newspaper, looking for henchmen

Wonder what the dental plan is like?

Old 15MB Hard Drive

picture of an old 15mb hard drive selling for $2495.00

They don't make them like this anymore

Craigslist Sex Ad For Somebody With Difficulty Waiting

An ad on craigslist that describes a sexy girl and ends with never mind --- looking for all the world like a Craigslist Sex Ad For Somebody With Difficulty Waiting

Yep, it's a real Craigslist Sex Ad For Somebody With Difficulty Waiting. Guy like that would never actually have to post the ad.

Reminds me of the old George Carlin joke about bisexuals. Can you imagine wanting to have sex with everybody you meet? You wouldn’t need a black book, you could just use the phonebook. Likewise, if you have a problem, er, waiting for the appropriate amount of time, the world is your oyster! (so to speak). Just start up writing some sexual fantasy and you’ll be living it before you get to the end.

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Cat Carrier

A picture of a cat carrier consisting of a handle and a large screw and crank device that looks like it is supposed to impale a cat with a screw in order to hold it

It's true that this may be a cat carrier, but this is unlike any other cat carrier you've ever seen, I guarantee that.

Somehow I feel certain that this ad was not approved by the ASPCA, although it is rather clever. Not only is it a carrier, it’s also an automatic cat meower. Just a little turn of the screw and you’ll automatically get more meows. (disclaimer: I have four cats and love them all. It’s just a joke, folks.)

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Pretty Princess

Pretty Princess

Perhaps she ate the pretty princess?

Also released under in the same package, the pretty princess scarecrow kit and the pretty princess Halloween selection. Buy two and get a free paintbrush applicator! It’s waterproof, fireproof, impermeable to chemical attack, and once you add a little sugar, makes for a great fondue.

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