How they Really Made the Periodic Table

a chart of a tetris game with the elements titled how they really made the periodic table

I knew it! There had to be a pattern there

This Sign is in Spanish

a sign that says this sign is in spanish when you're not looking

Okay, I'm not looking right now.

Drunk Mode

a photoshopped picture of an imaginary ios settings page with drunk mode added. The display below shows that when you try to text somebody, it keeps the text for later review

This could really catch on in college communities

A Clean House

a clean house is a sign of a wasted life is the caption over an old 50s-style picture

Well, at least she's happy

Soup of the Day

a chalk sign that says the soup of the day is the tears of our enemies

Does that come in gallon containers?

Lord of the Rings

cast picture in regular clothes of the main characters from Lord of the Rings

Took me a minute to realize who these guys were

Paper Jam

Captioned Paper Jam, shows man at copier frustrated. Inside copier are three pieces of paper playing various instruments

So that's how it works.

I’ll be Bach

I'll be Bach is a painting of J.S. Bach with Arnold Schwarzenegger's face photoshopped on

Wonder how long he'll take. Hope it's not longer than a minuet

Tertogenic Effects Of Pure Evil In Ursus Teddius Domesticus

Teratogenic Effects of Pure Evil in Ursus Teddius Domesticus

Try to say that one five times fast


a cartoon from national lampoon with heterosexuality made out to be like a superhero

They know where you live

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