Stop Running I Love You

Moose chasing man with the caption stop running I love you

I just don't think it's going to work out

The Game

The game. The kid has won it. Shown by a picture of a toddler playing a video game surrounded by several very attractive young ladies wearing German oktoberfest low-cut dresses

Good grief. Save us from when he gets to be 16.

Things to Release at a Wedding Ceremony

a bar graph of various things to release at a wedding ceremony

"the brakes" would also be bad

Mercilon Tabs

the prescription instruction for mercilon tabs, which are so complicated it's impossible to understand

Yes, yes. That's just what I was going to do

Finger Amputations Performed Here

Sign over a box says finger amputations performed here. Hole is cut in box, and there is a cat inside swiping his paw out to play.

it's enough to give you paws

Tsunami Evacuation Plan

sign giving out the tsunami evacuation plan which is to grab a beer and run like hell

Best to keep a beer close-by at all times, just to be safe

Captain Optimism Versus Pessimistic Man

Caption Optimism Versus Pessimistic man shows captain optimism saying "I will defeat you!" and Pessimistic Man replies "Yeah, probably"

Maybe there'll be a sequel?

Game of Thrones

cartoon captioned game of thrones which shows a couple of toilets playing cards

Hey look. I've got a flush.

Please Neuter Your Pets

a billboard that says please neuter your pets and weird friends and relatives

We'll help you with the pets. You're on your own with the rest of 'em.

Pink Freud

Sigmund Freud done in pink with a little rainbow titled Pink Freud

So that's Pink! Looks like he already has a cigar.

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